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200 years of history

The vineyard of the  Maison Blaise Lourdez, was created in 1812 by Nicolas Lourdez. It is located in the commune of Damery, near Epernay, capital of Champagne. Its estate covers 8 hectares, thus positioning it among the independent winegrowers of intermediate size present in Champagne. Its vineyard is diversified, with 60% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir, allowing for different blends. The particularity of the vinification of the house is that it does not carry out malolactic fermentations, thus preserving the natural acidity of the grapes.

 René BLAISE and Thérèse LOURDEZ start making champagne, on October 12, 1957, they create the BLAISE-LOURDEZ brand, thus following the Champagne tradition of associating the two names of the families that own the vines. 

Recently, Bruno and Isabelle Blaise took over from parents, François and Claudine Blaise, and are at the head of the estate now based in Damery. Bruno, who studied at the Avize wine school, is a member of the jury of the tasting commission which brings together professionals controlling the quality of Champagne wines. And now Antoine Blaise is joining the family and working on a new cuvée...

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