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Ripeness of the grapes - Natural acidity

The Blaise-Lourdez house is located in the town of Damery, near Epernay, in the heart of Champagne. Its estate covers 8 hectares, positioning it among the intermediate-sized independent winegrowers present in Champagne. We work our vineyard under High Environmental Value certification.
Quality control is ensured by us in the different stages of winemaking. It all starts at the harvest, the maturity of the grapes is our main concern, patience is the key word to obtain an optimum balance between sugar and acidity, which characterizes very good wines. The particularity of the house's winemaking: no malolactic fermentations, and therefore conservation of the natural acidity of the grapes, participating in the creation of wines with a beautiful length in the mouth.


The Marne Valley

Pinot Meunier is the flagship grape variety of the Marne Valley. In France, it is only found in Champagne. It has the particularity of giving a fruity and round champagne. When it comes from an old vine, very ripe at harvest, like our Nature cuvée, it can be available in zero dosage, that is to say, without sugar.

This single-plot cuvée comes from a vineyard planted by Isabelle's grandmother 65 years ago.

South facing, the view next to this plot is magnificent over the sunset. Isabelle has set up a space; to contemplate it.

This cuvée is exceptional and rare.

raisin blanc.JPG

Notre Chardonnay

On the soil of our valley, which has little mineral content, the Chardonnay grape variety can express itself freely. It is very fragrant and fruity. We wanted to select a few plots of Chardonnay from Damery to develop two of our remarkable vintages: the Charme and Charme ambrée vintages. More than 6 years of aging, we are tasting brioche aromas for our blanc de blanc. And we dared to blend this Chardonnay with a little red wine to offer you a rare vintage, slightly amber, with complex aromas.

raisin blanc.JPG
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