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The story of a champagne winegrower

Our story begins with... No, let's come and listen to Isabelle tell you the story of this family of winegrowers who have spanned two centuries of Champagne history, and come and discover the place where our vintages are created.


But, what is a cuvée ?


A cuvée is a wine made from a vat. In this vat, the winemaker selected his vines to form a blend or a single grape variety (a single grape) or a parcel (a single plot of vine) which he then put in a bottle.

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Winegrowers in Champagne since 1812

Our story begins with Nicolas LOURDEZ in 1812, teacher and winemaker, then Louis François LOURDEZ, winemaker in 1870... and generations of winegrowers follow one another.

From vines to champagne, the house has been developed thanks to René and Thérèse Blaise Lourdez with the creation of the brand on October 12, 1957.

From a single cuvée to different blends, the aromas multiply with their son François, then grandson Bruno, and now Antoine, who has joined his father.

Welcome at home

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Thanks for coming !

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