Chambre d'hôtes, champagne Blaise Lourdez, Damery, Marne France


The Hune Of Misaine

Welcome to our guest room!

Along the Marne, a stone's throw from our Champenois hills, we have created a family suite for your comfort ...

Go to the boarding of our vineyard during a walk or bike ride ... You will discover our treasures in the middle of our vine stocks at the origin of the "king of wines".

Then, of course, we will make you taste what made our region famous by sharing together a good time around a flute of Champagne

2 people

1st Night

Extra night



Emplacement de la chambre d'hôtes Blaise Lourdez
Entrée de la chambre d'hôtes Champagne Blaise Lourdez
Visuel de la chambre d'hôtes Champagne Blaise Lourdez. Bed and Breakfast room